Phil’s bus paint up in some protective black just to keep it from going rusty in the short term… job, slam time!! watch this space!!

Fuel tank area looks pretty good, so with a new sender unit fitted, after testing its operation on the gauge, tank goes back in.

With Phil’s repairs made, it’s time to make good and put some water protective paint over it….it won’t match as it’s simply to keep everything water tight!

Phil’s B pillars get some attention to make them solid again.

Time to investigate Helen’s fuel tank. So out it comes.

Phil’s bus gets a new outrigger and jacking point from Autocraft as well as some inner wheel arch repairs.

Helen’s engine almost back together and ready to go in. However we’ve got to take the fuel tank out to replace a non-working sender unit.

Phil’s front Off Side wheel arch is looking a little rusty and as this was flagged up on his last MOT, it’s now time to change it. So out with the old.

Collection day…..Graham collected his 1958 original Rag top RHD semaphor model beetle on Friday, needless to say he was like a kid in a sweetshop.

Graham’s 58 bug get a new membrane for the doors before the new door cards go into place. All ready for collection.